Dick Whittington's
The Place Where Cat's Would Choose To Stay!

Here at Dick Whittington's our guests come first. During cold weather all our indoor accommodation has the benefit of heating and the outdoor chalets have individual heat pads.

Our outdoor accommodation blocks can accommodate 1 guest or a family of up to 8. We also have lower outdoor accommodation blocks for older guests that don't like to be indoors.

We try to keep the guests diet the same or similar to their home environment so as not to cause too much stress.  We have a wide range of dry complete biscuit foods, wet tins and sachets, from kitten to senior, with a variety of flavours for thoses who don't like just fish! Our usual feeding routine is twice a day but this can be altered for guests with special dietary requirements.

Please give us a guide time for arrival, so we can ensure their accommodation is prepared.

An estimated time of departure is also requested so we do not give them a slap up meal before they leave - we don't want them bringing it all back during the trip home!

In case of an emergency we have access to an emergency vet but if the emergency is not in the middle of the night, we will do our very best to see your own vet instead.

We are happy to administer tablets, medication and diabetic insulin (providing it's a non transferable condition)

Vaccination Cards will need to be checked
each time your cat(s) stay with us.

We regret...
No Vaccination Card(s),
No Stay.